Who doesn’t love Aussie Prawns?

Us Aussies, we love to entertain.

We swap notes about it, our family photos are full of us enjoying it and our weekends are organised around it. But us Aussies also love prawns, so why do we see them as a once a year treat at Christmas?

We want to make it easy for you to eat prawns all year round. So, if you’re entertaining this weekend, no matter what time of year, we want to make it easy for you to. Entertain with delicious Tropic Co Aussie Tiger Prawns.

Our Prawns

We take pride in only producing the highest quality prawns.

Popularly known for their good looks and incredible taste, we farm Australian Black Tiger Prawns (or lesser known as Penaeus Monodon).

Vibrant in colour and with distinctive tiger stripes, sweet in flavour and firm in texture, they’re perfect for all celebrations.

But that’s not it!

They’re also versatile for all occasions, and as we supply a combination of both fresh and frozen prawns, they’re available all year round.

What? Available all year?!

Yes, it’s true!

We harvest our prawns fresh from November through to May every year. Outside of these times our prawns are also available in frozen.

Available all year (not just Christmas!) and even better, not only do Australians love the taste of prawns, they’re also incredibly nutritious and packed with beneficial minerals and nutrients.